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Medical Employment Assist Ltd provides best value and compliant umbrella, and accountancy services to contractors and freelancers.

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WE ARE AN Umbrella Company

What is an umbrella company?

If you are a contractor; or you are in a short-term contract of employment and if you don’t want the responsibilities that come with the running of a limited company the easiest way to get paid is to join an umbrella company. Instead of setting up your own limited company or being enrolled in an agency PAYE system, An umbrella companies will help you to process payment and deduct appropriate tax and national insurance due and passed it on to HMRC on your behalf.

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We offer both limited contractor accountancy services and 100% compliant umbrella solutions. We understand one size doesn’t fit all, and so we would provide you help and options to help your contractors choose what’s best for them.

We provide accountancy and umbrella services to contractors, freelancers and other small limited company owners

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